about us

hi ☺️

here at iMBi, our goal is to create unique pieces for the free spirited that encourages you to be your most genuine self, and to embrace the unique gifts that you bring into the world. let’s be honest, being your most authentic self is pretty ballsy, and we hope that our designs make it a little easier.

we focus on creating high quality pieces that have been handmade with love and tears from start to finish. and our brand is female owned and run! (because it’s literally just me hehe)

we are a brand who cares, and in doing so, we put efforts into taking steps to be a more sustainable slow fashion brand. in creating made to order pieces, we make sure that only what’s been ordered goes into production. in addition, we try to reduce our consumption via patchwork products, and are working to include more eco friendly packaging. we want to be a part of a better future for fashion! if you have any suggestions to how we can further improve our brands sustainability, please send us an email at info@shopimbi.com






a little more in depth…

i’m mila, the founder and designer of iMBi 🍭

so, from the start:

i began this whole journey in nov of 2016. i had gone to my first ever music festival (edc orlando) and hadn’t yet realized how much it would change my life. that experience sparked my love for house music, shuffling, and edgier fashion (remember these, they’re important). i never really loooved anything that was on the market for outfits, none of them felt like me. edco ‘17 rolls around, and so i decided i would steal my dads sewing machine, look up some youtube tutorials, and head to joann’s and figure out how to make my own. i’ve always been a DIYer. at that time i had no idea what i was doing and eventually my dad took back the sewing machine, so with school keeping me busy, those passions were put on the back burner. flash forward to 2020, were all in quarantine, and bored af. i spend a few months with my dad and slowly started getting back into those passions. somehow, amidst the pandemic, i manage to get a job in LA and pack my bags asap. so as i settle down in my venice studio apartment and wander around, i stumble upon a group called the LA Shuffle Squad. the magnitude of this was immeasurable. the beautiful people i meet through this group manage to reignite my passions for house music, shuffling, and creating clothes that make me feel like me, and they inspire me in a billion ways. most importantly, to always be my most authentic version of myself. and so i created this brand, if only because i can, but also in hopes that my story and my creations can inspire you to pursue your passions and be proud of what you bring to the world. because there’s no one like you, and we need you here! 

love you,

mila 💜